We are so excited to announce the website revamp for Sugar and Spyked Catering of Los Angeles, CA.

Sugar and Spyked is famous for their hand-crafted liquor-infused desserts. Clients have raved about these Innovative treats with such an elaborate taste. Every single batch is hand-made from scratch, with a customized dessert menu with over a dozen treats to choose from.

The site is currently under revisions with Springcart, launching this upcoming week. We are in awe and beyond amazed at the creativity and dedication given to this project. Please check their work out at http://springcartdesignlab.com

PR Tips:

Switching up your site and style is imperative for your business. Constantly revamping, providing new content and staying fresh will keep clients entertained and coming back to see what’s new. It will also answer pending questions such as who you are, what your company is doing and why should someone should hire you.

Let us help you establish or re-establish your business image!

Stay fresh!
-House of PR

Sugar and Spyked is available for special event bookings through House of PR. Please contact us at info @ houseofpr.com