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607, 2015

Sugar and Spyked announces its “Sugar-Sweet Makeover.”

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We are so excited to announce the website revamp for Sugar and Spyked Catering of Los Angeles, CA.

Sugar and Spyked is famous for their hand-crafted liquor-infused desserts. Clients have raved about these Innovative treats with such an elaborate taste. Every single batch is hand-made from scratch, with a customized dessert menu with over a dozen treats to choose from.

The site is currently under revisions with Springcart, launching this upcoming week. We are in awe and beyond amazed at the creativity and dedication given to this project. Please check their work out at

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Switching up your site and […]

606, 2015


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Check out the 60 sec Trailer Attached

The musical is based on true story about a young African American woman with aspirations and opportunities to become a writer and how she gets sidetracked as ‘life and stuff happens…’ Then in this powerful musical production, you’ll see how God- through family, friends and faith- gets her back on track!

SHIDA is written and performed by Jeannette Bayardelle- the star of THE COLOR PURLE and HAIR on Broadway.

SHIDA is being presented by Solombra Ingram & I’m Every Woman Productions.

On stage for 2 nights only- Friday, July 10th @ 8:00pm & Saturday, July 11th @ […]